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About Ian Denney

After leaving school at sixteen I went to work with my Dad (Ron) who had been installing new windows and doors for over 40 years, while also working in a factory manufacturing windows and doors.

After a couple of months it came to my attention that more and more people were contacting my Dad regarding repairs to their existing double glazing, i.e. misting or condensation in-between the panes of glass or windows that where not shutting tightly.

I decided to get myself a van and branch out dropping leaflets round my local area offering a ‘Double Glazing Repair Service’ as my Dad was busy on new installations.

(A few years ago now) When Dad retired it allowed me to continue offering a complete new windows and doors installation service in addition to the double glazing repair side of the business.

Unlike larger window companies, I can install any. Window and door system on the market, even offer a fitting only service where customers purchase there own windows and doors.

Thank you to all my customers past and present for the repeat business and recommendations.

Ian Denney

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