Energy Efficient


Are you Energy Efficient?

There are several millions homes in the UK with ‘G’ rated double glazed units that were fitted prior to 2002, before the building regulations changed to require better thermal performance.

It doesn’t make sense to replace the entire window frame. Instead the option exists to upgrade the performance of the window by replacing the glass sealed unit, to any energy efficient glass sealed unit.

Double glazed unit detail

Argon gas:
Reduces conductive and convective heat transfers.

Warm edge bar:
Up to 80% of energy loss through a window can occur at the edge. Conventional aluminium spacer bars conduct heat out and cold in, and have exceptionally high thermal energy loss.

Using a warm edge spacer bar will reduce heat loss at the edge of the window by up to 94%.

Double glazed windows fitted with warm edge spacer have an internal temperature of up to 65% warmer, reducing condensation on your sealed unit by up to 70%. This reduction in moisture virtually eliminates the chance of mould growth and potentially harmful bacteria.


Softcoat Low E glass:
A transparent metallic coating reflects heat back into the room. The coating also allows heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room, adding to the efficiency of your windows.

Low iron glass
The low iron content produces a higher light and energy transmittance.